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New Site, Lower Prices, 2 TB SSDs, Direct Sales

After two years of selling exclusively through Amazon and eBay Lini PC will be selling directly for the first time.

Our new store is hosted by Shopify and uses Paypal and Stripe for payments so we have a secure, reliable, enterprise grade foundation for our sales even though we are still a small boutique business.

As promised two weeks ago, we are cutting prices due to the falling costs of memory and storage, and we are able to cut prices even more for direct sales because we are not paying additional fees to Amazon and eBay.

We have cut prices across the board by varying amounts that depend on the prices of the components for each system.

Our lowest price system has dropped from $499.99 to $459.99 while a high end system like the Windows Core i7-4790S with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD has been cut from $1349.99 to $1209.99.

The license fee for Windows 7 Pro has been reduced from $100 to $60 for all systems.

Prices are at historic lows right now so this is an excellent time to buy a new PC. Samsung has already announced that they will be cutting back on DRAM production to "stabilize" (a.k.a. raise) prices, so prices will probably go up again soon.

Along with our new site and lower prices we now have 2 TB Samsung 850 EVO SSDs available for all of our systems. These new 2 TB SSDs not only double the storage capacity, but also double the internal RAM cache from 1 GB to 2 GB, and come with an enhanced MHX controller for improved performance all around.

Stay tuned as there are more exciting announcements to come in the weeks ahead with the launch of the Lini Zero model lineĀ andĀ upgraded Lini 1S systems featuring Intel's 6th generation Skylake processors.

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