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Deck the Halls with an i7-6700K Lini 1S

*UPDATE: All i7-6700Ks are gone! - EW - Dec. 19, 2015*

The holiday season is in full swing and Intel's i7-6700 and i7-6700K are in very short supply. The i7-6700 has been unavailable anywhere for a few weeks. The i7-6700K is sold out everywhere and selling for huge premiums in the secondary market.

When the i7-6700 supply ran out we started buying all of the i7-6700Ks we could find at a semi-reasonable price, which turned out to be 3!

So, for the rest of the year we have 3 Lini 1S i7-6700 systems upgraded at no extra charge to an i7-6700K.

Along with the CPU upgrade we will also be installing premium Noctua fans to provide increased cooling capacities and lower noise levels.

These i7-6700Ks are essentially the same chips as the i7-6700 but at a higher quality grade and tuned to run at higher frequencies. As a result of their maximum normal turbo of up to 4.2GHz they can use much more power and generate much more heat under high loads.

We have done extensive testing on these CPUs to get the tuning right so that they will run cool and quiet in the Lini 1S system that was designed for a lower power CPU.

By using the power limiting functionality built into the BIOS (UEFI) we can set a power limit on the CPU that keeps it from running to hot under 100% CPU loads on all cores.

With these limits in place the performance at 100% load is tuned to be the same as the i7-6700, but under typical desktop workloads where only 1 or 2 cores are running 100% at a time you get all the benefits of the higher 4.2GHz max turbo.

Ultimately the i7-6700K gives a small (~5%) performance bump over the i7-6700 even in this constrained form factor.

The Lini 1S with an i7-6700K and premium Noctua Fans is the most powerful system we have ever offered as well as being the coolest and quietest.

There are only 3 available for the rest of the year so order yours before it is too late!

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