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Happy New Years - Everything Back in Stock!

We are still cleaning up from the holiday rush but the good news is that we just received another shipment of cases from our manufacturer Realan and supplies of Intel's i7-6700 CPU are trickling back onto the market.

Thanks to our patient customers who are still waiting on their systems. We should have all back orders shipped by early next week.

On the product development front we have made some changes to our product line up already and we have some more products coming soon.

Lini One and Lini Zero Retired

The Lini PC model lineup has been simplified with the Lini One and Lini Zero being retired. Ultimately this decision was driven by the simple fact that the Lini 1S/C models were accounting for 90% of our new sales.

Interest in Skylake CPUs and new platform features such as USB 3.1, DDR4, and 4K were clearly winning over a huge majority of our customers.

With our simplified lineup we've seen a huge 80% lift in customer adds to cart so it appears the changes are helping more people find a system they want.

Cooler and Quieter Lini 1S

We are always working on improving our systems and for the Lini 1S we have be experimenting with using ultra-quiet fans from Noctua and Silverstone to yield a virtually silent system.

We have not quite settled on a final configuration yet but we have been building all of our new Lini 1S systems with one of a handful of ultra-quiet premium fans and the results on this are very nice.

One of our customers had to ask if everything was working correctly because he couldn't hear anything when he turned the system on and that is what we like to hear.

Silent Fanless Lini PC Coming Soon

The first prototype that I built for Lini PC, a year before the brand was launched, was a completely silent system. 3 years later and we will soon be launching the first Silent Fanless Lini PC.

Silent Fanless systems are a niche product and they require specially designed cases that are both expensive to manufacture and difficult and time-consuming to assemble.

Now that Lini PC is established with a killer lineup of market leading Mini PCs we have the opportunity to push the envelope even further by going 100% Silent and Fanless.

We are testing prototypes now with the latest hardware and we will be making systems available for sale as soon as they are ready. If you are interested in purchasing a prototype system send us an email at:

$50 Coupon

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